FLM215 – Week 6

This week I’ll be discussing an aspect of Noam’s entrepreneurial activities, specifically the use of prizes and competitions on his website. Noam seems to have a very good understanding of not only why people visit his website, but also ways in which to stimulate the interest of visitors and to get them involved as much as possible. This week I took a look at a post called Enter Here To Win This $2000 LED Lighting Kit. http://noamkroll.com/win-2000-led-lighting-kit/


Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 1.50.12 pm


While this is quite different from his regular posts, it does remain on topic and gives visitors a chance to win a large amount of lighting gear. Additionally, many of the people that follow his blog are young and inexperienced film makers with little to no gear of any kind. This means that the prize he has decided to give away would actually be extremely appealing to a young film maker.


Another strategy he has employed through this prize give away is commercial sponsorship. Noam states in the post that B&H are the sponsors of the give away and gives a detailed description of their three light kit. This is actually quite significant as Noam has previously stated that he declines more than 95% of the endorsement and sponsorship deals he has been offered due to either his lack of knowledge on the equipment or the fact that he doesn’t constantly use the product. So when he announces that B&H are sponsoring this competition, it adds significance for Noam’s site and cross promotion for B&H.


Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 1.57.04 pm


The final part of the post is quite clever in my opinion. Noam has described how to enter and how to win, but has done this in a way that further promotes and incentivizes the following of his other social media platforms. He says that to win you simply need to subscribe to his newsletter, however, the more of his social media pages you follow, the higher your odds are of winning. I think this is extremely clever and will not only interest his current audience, but attract new visitors to all of his social media platforms.

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